The Another Learning Process

While many people, those are including children, today seem English as an easy language, it is very demanding even awkward for me. As my age getting older, there is no significant improvement in my English (Probably this is one of the problems: I have learned English in serious way lately). It is even still difficult for me for saying some basic commands or writing some simple sentences.

However, since three months ago I have been learning English intensively in IALF (Indonesia Australia Language Foundation) Jakarta. I think this is the best moment I have ever had to learn English. All the English teachers here are native. My class teacher is a Canadian. He has been teaching English for more than twenty years. The library is full of resources. The facilities are great.

Despite those things, the important factors for a successful learning process are not only the teachers or the institutions but also the students themselves. If they don’t really motivated along the learning process, whoever the teacher is, whatever the institution is, they tend to get a not really good result. In one point, it just the another learning process, isn’t it? We need to struggle to understand something deeply. We need to spend a lot of time and energy to reach the targets.

There must be some mistakes in this article. At first, I was worrying it. But then I realized that there is no important reasons for my worry. Making mistakes in learning process is absolutely normal. Even in Indonesian language and Sundanese language I still makes many mistakes. So, keep learning!

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