The Scary City

Every brutal act that is done by the Motorbike Gangs in Bandung is always raising my anxiety and curiosity.

Just like other citizens, I am worried about the safety of my family, my friend, myself, and all people in this city. In the night (or even in daylight) the bikers could terrorize anybody while they are riding motorcycles, riding cars, or even just walking. Anybody could be the victim whoever they are. This city has become more dangerous.

However, I am also curious about the Motorbike Gangs. I have a couple of questions about them. Who the bikers really are? Why do many youngsters joining the gangs? Why do the gangs are so popular in Bandung’s urban? What are backgrounds of people who joining the gangs? Why do the characteristics of the gangs nowadays are different from those in the past? Is there any connection between bikers problem and other this city’s problems? And so on.

Media have answered some of these questions. But those answers usually failed to capture the complexity of the issue. The question about the reason of many youngsters joining the gang is usually answered by cliché clues; such as this is ‘a form of self-expression’. If that is the answer, why do they express themselves in a form of criminal acts (robbery, violence, battle)?

The basic question about who those bikers really are is even not easy to answer. In fact, until now I have no valid information about their family background (economic, social, etc.), their family and environment condition, their education matter, and so on.

Some people have said that many of those bikers are the children of some military or police elites. That is why they have immunity from prosecution. However, this has been known since long time ago; since the early generation of the gangs. But why do the characteristics between these two generation’s gangs are different? The motorbike gang in the past, I have heard, didn’t attack people but other motorbike gangs. This was only the war among the gangs.

Before we get sufficient explanations about the questions above, I am not sure we can really solve the motorcycle gangs problems. And if this problem remained unsolved, this creative city would become scary city.

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